Management Services

Kennedy Plaza - Utica, NY

Kennedy Plaza Apartments – Utica, NY


At CRM Rental Management, Inc. we take pride in offering a comfortable, affordable living experience for all of our residents. Our Management team looks forward to servicing your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Our experienced professionals make extensive use of software systems to generate dependable budget comparisons, cost monitoring, and investment analysis. Furthermore, comprehensive, credible reporting keeps all informed about the status of their property and CRM’s efforts to maximize its fiscal performance.

CRM’s tax compliance officers help make sure that our clients are using the low-income housing tax credit properly and effectively. We are up-to-date on the latest tax and legislative development that could have implications for tax credit projects.

As one of the area’s finest property management companies currently managing over 70 apartment complexes and 5,000 units, CRM is committed to excellence while setting innovative standards that others have followed throughout the years. Our trained and highly qualified staffs’ strong teamwork provides our residents with quality living in affordable housing.

Our ongoing commitment to quality customer service, management, and maintenance has made CRM Rental Management, Inc. what we are today – continuously growing and managing for your success.


Throughout its nearly 50 year history, CRM has proven its superiority in successfully managing a wide variety of properties operated under a number of funding and regulatory programs. This success includes meeting the diverse and detailed reporting requirements of owners and oversight agencies. The end product – properties functioning well at all levels of operation.

In addition, CRM has fully committed to implementing the latest technology in its property management practice, greatly enhancing employee productivity and service levels for residents.

  • All forms of government compliance
  • Budget preparation and analysis
  • Consultation
  • Tax credit compliance
  • Detailed accounting services
  • Effective cash management
  • Energy efficiency measurement & adherence
  • Financial and physical operating plans
  • Design and decorating reviews
  • Energy saving government programs including Green Retrofit Program
  • Marketing surveys
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Receivables and vacancy control
  • Rent-up administration
  • Service coordinators
  • Staffing and training
  • Stand-in general partner

Foxwood Townhouses – Rome, NY

Our team will work hard for you


If you’re among the growing number of owners, administrators or others whose success includes use of the low-income housing tax credit, CRM’s tax compliance officers help make sure that you are using this credit properly and effectively.

This includes understanding the rules from the IRS, states and other agencies that govern today’s housing tax credit projects; calculating your credit; applicable income and rent restrictions; credits for acquisition with rehabilitation; compliance requirements; extended use and recapture; credit allocation at the state level, including plans and project evaluations; and a host of related issues.

We stay – and keep you – up-to-date on the latest tax and legislative developments that could have implications for tax credit projects.

What’s more, we help you stay certified with guidance and assistance in identifying and addressing potential obstacles to re-certification.


We manage a wide variety of properties and real estate assets, covering a full spectrum of existent and emerging management needs.

From the first-time owner who needs assistance getting an operation off the ground, to overseeing the renovation and rehabilitation of projects, to managing the turnaround of distressed or foreclosed properties, our staff has the special expertise and experience it takes to do the job properly.

CRM’s clients include owners and developers, educational and financial institutions, government agencies, syndication firms and others.

From apartment complexes to commercial office buildings, medical centers to hotels, we manage for your success.

Madison Plaza Apartments – Rome, NY

Our maintenance team hard at work


From the outset, we’ve believed that the key to delivering for our clients was creating a superior team of property management professionals. That’s why we’ve assembled one of the best teams in the business.

It’s comprised of property managers and on-site staff, plus our central office support personnel who, with the extended resources at their disposal, are always available to help solve special problems and meet unforeseen management needs.

Our headquarters is strategically located in Central New York, from which business centers across the Northeast can be reached quickly and easily.


Our policy of regular and open communication throughout the organization not only links resources and expands the collective talent available to every client, it supports CRM’s shared-values approach to property management – with each staff member having an interest in, and being able to contribute to, the overall success of every client.

This approach also involves communication and interaction with tenants and other on-site parties who have an interest in the well-being of the property.

Whether central office or on-site, CRM personnel are thoroughly trained and kept current in the latest property management techniques through ongoing workshops, seminars, and specialized courses, in everything from new construction technologies to late-breaking regulatory requirements. As a result, owners and residents can be confident that the properties are well managed and in full compliance, providing a safe, secure living.

Executive Team

Woodsedge Apartments – Ithaca, NY


CRM has the experience and contacts to implement and maintain green building programs, energy efficiency measures, and sustainability solutions for its properties. It has experience in working with many programs including NYSERDA, ENERGY STAR, and Weatherization Assistance to name a few. From simple energy-saving measures to complex green retrofit programs, CRM can design the best program to achieve ownership’s green and/or energy efficiency goals-all in a sustainable format.